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Terror Stalking in Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Alchoholics Anonymous Dana Point Harbor Hardcore Meeting and Denver's York Street AA house.

This Blog is to document the terrors that were brought to me by members of AA meetings. These terrors were organized assaults on my well being, using psychological harassments over a long period of time. The organizational level of what happened to me points directly to an entrenched mentality for corruption and disregard for human rights, within AA, to some level.
link: covert harassment

In meetings that I attended in Denver and in Dana Point Ca, I endured psychological harassments and gaslighting in an intesity and frequency that were serious threats to my psychological stability and overall well being. These harassments dehumanized me, and caused a demoralization that left me alienated and isolated.

One of the more serious elements in these harassments was additives to the coffee served to me at meetings. Taste alterations and the possible adding to the coffee of agents that promoted nervousness served to underlay the psychological tactics used during the meeting discussions.

Overall I was the victim of an intense organized campaign that involved many members of these meetings.

For a two week period in the summer of 2006, while attending meetings on a daily basis at the York Street AA House in Denver's Capital Hill District, I was harassed, targeted in an assault that consisted of contrived conversations and events, all causing me to believe that I was under an investigation for killing my parents, child molestation, and rape.

Directed discussions and monologues, the foundation to the psychological violence that I encounterd at AA meetings, alway took advantage of seating arrangements, as well as the crafted glares from others attending. These directed meetings were designed to cause anxiety, embarrassment, and hyper-self consciousness within a person that also endured at the same time, while attending meetings at Dana Point Harbor, covert harassments at a sober living house, on a daily basis.

In sum, it can be said that Alcoholics Anonymous was used as a staging ground for a planned assault that sought to undermine my psychology and induce my suicide.

A horrific experience that has tramatized me to this day.

The recovery industry, and Alcoholics Anonymous seem to be arenas where the phenomena of terror stalking is able to be orchestrated with precision. Many memebrs of AA and NA, as well as clients in recovery instituions, are ex-cons and felons, perhaps having ties with organized crime, and they may be easily led into the activity of terror stalking. Organized crime is seen as being part of the foundation that makes up terror stalking groups.

"Harassment of members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, apparently instigated by officials in or connected with those organizations, or people informed by such organizations as to the identities of members - similar to overzealous "neighbourhood watch" members who believe they are serving the community by "keeping undesirables in line" (or running them out of town) "


Blogger tall21 said...

u sound like a severly paranoid person. i doubt AA has anything to offer you. if u r seriously considering suicide i behove u to turn ur self over to the authorities on a 5150. i can assure u also that the world is not revolving around u and ur enemies r not to be found in the "rooms".

6:44 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I am in complete agreement with you. I was subjected to this very same technique of harassment here in Montgomery County, MD.. I found it is a group of people within the Psych field that treat A.A. as a play ground to get at someone that has different view that is going to expose their corruptions of the community. I as a non-conformist Christian am an undesirable to have in the community. I have been harassed all through school and my relationships with the hope that I would strike back to defend myself, here they failed and that made them even madder. Only while trying to discuss what was going on was I attacked and beaten and I fought back and that puts you in the legal system
A NASTY game my dad taught me ( a position that I am ashamed my dad held ) that I'm sure you'll recognize.
He said "Never hit anybody. Agitate the hell out of them and get them to hit you first, then you have a mark to show the cops and have them arrested."
Have the cops do your dirty work for you.
Dirty underhanded dogs manipulating the system or playing the system.
Just because they haven't been through this crap gets a response of paranoia ( unreasonable fear ). My prayer for them is that they get caught up in some office politics and then find themselves on the unemployment line. Then they'll think twice. What is a 5150?. This person is part of The System.
My enduring pain will I lay at the feet of Jesus Christ for Judgment and they can try talking with Him.

11:53 PM  
Blogger HH said...

Wow! I think you need to get some major psychological help! Do you seriously believe that there is an AA conspiracy going on against YOU, personally? That's pretty vain. First of all, I attend meetings at York Street in Denver, CO and I have found nothing but sincere, genuine kindness and help w/ my problems. Apparently there is something special about you that makes you the center of malicious efforts to just make you plain crazy. Maybe, the meetings are ran by the anti-christ and he is trying to claim your soul rather than save it? I bet every person in those "rooms" are some sort of shape shifting demons that are out to get you because you have something so precious that they desire....the inability to hold yourself accountable for your own actions. Don't blame AA for your short comings and inability to stay sober or heal emotionally/psychologically. Did you call the authorities to have your accusations investigated? I wonder if you can be sued for lible in this situation?

PS....there are no "officials" in AA....that's part of the program. There are service memebers who volunteer to chair meetings and such. There is no authority there. Do you even realy know about AA?

10:09 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Hey HH
Just because it never happened to you does'nt make it crazy. AA meetings are autonomous and they vary in purpose from region to region, it depends on the mindset of the community. Do you think that Bill and his friends were anywhere smart enough to include decentralization of power for AA without a good bit of planning and guidance from outside professionals. "We are but their humble servants" said Bill Wilson. Aldous Huxley said Bill was "The greatest social architect of the twentieth century". I hope you don't ever sponsor anyone, they probably have enough bruises already.
And I'm not the only one who has been harrassed.
You can't be sued for speaking the truth.
As long as you drink their koolaid you'll be safe from them. Why don't you allow me what AA does, take what ever can help me and leave the rest behind. And should'nt I expose things in AA that effect AA as a whole.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Hey HH
One more thing.
The authorities are part of the problem. Without them AA would have dwindled away into abscurity long ago.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Vidocq said...

I think all coffee contains additives (sic) that increase anxiety.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Create Your Video said...

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9:49 AM  
Blogger Bp blogger said...

I have been harrassed by AA members for 10 years since I went there for help which was recommended to me.

They spread false rumors and try to pin crimes on me and mess with my friends and family. They were scared I was going to sue them and that also someone else was going to sue them because someone overdosed and was probably partying with a member at the time so they killed 2 birds with one stone and told the persons family that it was me to avoid a lawsuit by me and the persons family. At least, I think that is the reason for their harrassment, it is hard to piece the reason why together.

They mess with my work, currently a company hired me so they could mess with me. At my last company they spread false rumors so the employees would mess with me and my work.

Their harrassment was the cause of my split with my spouse and the reason I don't see my sick mom.

They harrass my ex spouse by making him think I am making false claims against him that they make so he will do bad things to me and we will not communicate. They also spread lies to my former friends so they will make weird comments to me.

They use their members to mess with computer accounts. I am currently unable to log onto a health care system where I have an ID, and they lady at work made a comment about "computer systems are great when they work" and now suddenly I am unable to log onto my health care account in order to make my payment. That is the kind of thing they do, they use their members to sabotage you and harrass you.

They try to get people to ask me about things so they can record my responses to try to get me to say things so they can pin crimes on me that I imagine are committed by their members.

They try to blackmail you and harrass you constantly to keep you from talking about the fact that you were harrassed by them in the first place.

They have cars drive in front of me with stickers and license plates that have comments where they are bragging about their harrassment. That is not even the half of it.

So yes, I believe you and understand what you are going through and know you are not paranoid.

They have members who have been in the group a long time who use their contacts, plus I imagine they have contacts with people through their fundraising efforts, and also contacts in the social services and legal community.

If you complain about them, they will fabricate that you are involved in a crime that sounds heinous in order to attempt and blacklist you.

10:14 AM  
Blogger robboy39 said...

recovery is riddled with National sheriff association members as well as national citizens patrol association they are orginized and when they get your number due to step work or what not conversations you may have, they will turn your life inside out. The gassilghting is illegal and they ignor this it is wide spread. yes they will follow you in to all aspects of your life and reack havock by recurting persons to harass the target anyway possible. the first Narcotics Anonymous was held in a police station owned building this was not a mistake law enforcement has been stalking persons who attend these meetinsg for years. old timers as well as newcomers the opertives are diverse by design to build friendships and trust to intrap the target then in a moments time they orginize the group against a single person. i am a victom i am looking to build repor with other victoms Robboy39 youtube.

9:36 AM  
Blogger robboy39 said...

national citizens police academy alumni association and national sheriffs association lookthen up they are evil. they have harassed me for 4 years. they have broken many laws and need to be held accountable for thier actions.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Mike M said...

have you ever had a psychiatric diagnoses? It cannot be fun to live in that mental torture. I hope you are able to get help and feel more mentally stable one day

10:32 AM  
Blogger Mike M said...

have you ever had a psychiatric diagnoses? It cannot be fun to live in that mental torture. I hope you are able to get help and feel more mentally stable one day

10:33 AM  
Blogger Mike M said...

have you ever had a psychiatric diagnoses? It cannot be fun to live in that mental torture. I hope you are able to get help and feel more mentally stable one day

10:34 AM  
Blogger Mike M said...

have you ever had a psychiatric diagnoses? It cannot be fun to live in that mental torture. I hope you are able to get help and feel more mentally stable one day

10:34 AM  
Blogger Allora said...

I truly hope that you seek professional, psychiatric help for these grandiose delusions & intense conspiracy theories which place AA or York St. at the center of your personal demise...
I'm a therapist, and unless you're completely messing with everyone & fabricating those rants as a joke... I guarantee you're suffering from a dissociative disorder with major paranoid, likely schizophrenic, features

5:16 AM  

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