Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Crimes Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Monday, October 30, 2006

Terror Stalking in Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Alchoholics Anonymous Dana Point Harbor Hardcore Meeting and Denver's York Street AA house.

This Blog is to document the terrors that were brought to me by members of AA meetings. These terrors were organized assaults on my well being, using psychological harassments over a long period of time. The organizational level of what happened to me points directly to an entrenched mentality for corruption and disregard for human rights, within AA, to some level.
link: covert harassment

In meetings that I attended in Denver and in Dana Point Ca, I endured psychological harassments and gaslighting in an intesity and frequency that were serious threats to my psychological stability and overall well being. These harassments dehumanized me, and caused a demoralization that left me alienated and isolated.

One of the more serious elements in these harassments was additives to the coffee served to me at meetings. Taste alterations and the possible adding to the coffee of agents that promoted nervousness served to underlay the psychological tactics used during the meeting discussions.

Overall I was the victim of an intense organized campaign that involved many members of these meetings.

For a two week period in the summer of 2006, while attending meetings on a daily basis at the York Street AA House in Denver's Capital Hill District, I was harassed, targeted in an assault that consisted of contrived conversations and events, all causing me to believe that I was under an investigation for killing my parents, child molestation, and rape.

Directed discussions and monologues, the foundation to the psychological violence that I encounterd at AA meetings, alway took advantage of seating arrangements, as well as the crafted glares from others attending. These directed meetings were designed to cause anxiety, embarrassment, and hyper-self consciousness within a person that also endured at the same time, while attending meetings at Dana Point Harbor, covert harassments at a sober living house, on a daily basis.

In sum, it can be said that Alcoholics Anonymous was used as a staging ground for a planned assault that sought to undermine my psychology and induce my suicide.

A horrific experience that has tramatized me to this day.

The recovery industry, and Alcoholics Anonymous seem to be arenas where the phenomena of terror stalking is able to be orchestrated with precision. Many memebrs of AA and NA, as well as clients in recovery instituions, are ex-cons and felons, perhaps having ties with organized crime, and they may be easily led into the activity of terror stalking. Organized crime is seen as being part of the foundation that makes up terror stalking groups.

"Harassment of members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, apparently instigated by officials in or connected with those organizations, or people informed by such organizations as to the identities of members - similar to overzealous "neighbourhood watch" members who believe they are serving the community by "keeping undesirables in line" (or running them out of town) "